Our Delivery Platform “Services”

Our Delivery Platform “Services”

Our Delivery Platform “Services”

  • Quality + Compliance
  • Management + Business Consulting
  • People + Change
  • Sales + Marketing Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Organizational Performance
  • Sustainability
  • Value Activation
  • Development Projects + Projects’ Management
  • Training + Capacity Building

People + Change

Green Line believes in empowering organizations to succeed through their people. It’s a simple concept, but in the midst of a machine-driven workplace revolution, it’s not a simple task. Our HR transformation solutions will help you harness the power of digital to reimagine the power of human. From optimizing workforce performance, to predicting future human capital needs, helping people navigate organizational change, and delivering leading-edge digital employee experiences, our suite of human capital services and solutions will help you build the workplace of the future. Our Services are “HR Transformation, Organization Transformation, Workforce Transformation, and Human Capital as a service”.
Our Delivery Platform “Services”

Management + Business Consulting

Green Line help you boldly set your ambitions and clearly define your future course with confidence through insights-driven business and strategic consulting. We bring insights you can act on based on facts not hype, creating a path for future growth and sustainable value.

Sales + Marketing Consulting

The customer of the future is here now, and engagement, experience, and loyalty strategies must evolve in response. Successful strategies require data-driven, creative, customer-centric approaches that leverage the latest technologies to deliver outstanding service and value to brands like yours. Green Line Sales + Marketing services are “Brand Development, Customer Strategy & Applied Design, Advertising, Digital Marketing & Digital Commerce”
Organizational Performance

Organizational Performance

How a business is structured and operates is a key dimension of successful strategy. Deploying the right core capabilities, optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness, and ensuring successful execution are all critical elements of success. Green Line’s Organizational Performance practice addresses these challenges by focusing on five capabilities: • Organizational strategy — enabling strategy through supportive operating models, organizational choices, and governance • Performance improvement — optimizing cost and functional performance, supported by high-impact performance management arrangements • Commercial excellence — improving the performance of commercial functions, from go-to-market model through to organizational and salesforce effectiveness • Post-Merger integration — creating value through pre-acquisition planning and post-acquisition integration and synergy realization • Value activation — a structured approach for activating your commercial choices, from solution design through to delivering results — the Green Line way for “getting stuff done”
Our Delivery Platform “Services”


We provide insights that help our clients make integrated strategic choices, achieving exceptional results. In all cases, we work closely with our clients to collaboratively design solutions that fit their needs and fulfill their strategic ambitions. Our deep experience in Organizational Strategy allows us to support our clients in configuring their businesses in a way that fully supports and unlocks the value of their strategies. In addition, our heritage in shareholder value management is an asset to our clients’ ability to build value.


At the heart of establishing a sustainable business is an appetite for change through ways of working, developing talent, embracing, and leveraging new technology, and establishing new, agile operating models. Early movers — those who drive to put sustainability at the center of their strategy — are creating commercial advantages. Green Line works with clients throughout their journey to establish thriving sustainable businesses. We support management teams in setting targets, developing the plans and roadmaps, transforming organizations, and growing their businesses organically and by way of acquisition. We work with investors to review potential transactions, develop new business plans, and support implementation and value creation.
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Development Projects + Projects’ Management

At Green Line a highly skilled and experienced project managers and teams are committed to deliver outstanding development projects both large and small, and to create value for international and national doners every step of the way. Whether you are looking for support with an initial project development or a total project management solution, you can rely on Green Line. As your project partner, you get access to services spanning the entire project lifecycle, from initiation to implementation and commissioning, reinforced by decades-long project management know-how. Your project is special and will come with its own unique challenges. Working closely as part of a fully integrated team, our experts will help out in guiding your choices using our proven, systematic approach. From total Green Line solutions to acting as project manager within your organization, we will help ensure that your project meets the highest quality, environmental and safety standards. With decades of experience in project control and management, our tools, and a vast global network of local knowledge, we will enable your project to succeed – to deliver on time and budget. From cost estimates and risk management to feasibility studies, from needs analysis to procurement, with requirements and tender material, through implementation and follow-up, our experts can help administer, plan, coordinate and manage every step of the way.
Our scope of service covers many areas: - Private Sector Development - Poverty Alleviation - Small-holder Farmers Income Increase - Climate Change Adaption & Mitigation - Job Creation - Gender Equity and Women Involvement - Entrepreneur Programs - Value Chain Assessments and Development - Quality & Food Safety - Value Addition - Access to Market Solutions - Digital Transformation - Lean/Agile Agriculture - Environmental, Energy & Waste Management Solutions - Agriculture Innovations - Agriculture & Food Security - Water Management Solutions

Training + Capacity Building

One of the fundamental parts of our mission is increasing the skills and knowledge of individuals, institutions, and communities. We foster the creation of effective leaders, assist organizations to better meet the needs of the most vulnerable citizens, and develop, document, and apply best practices, resources, and methods in capacity building. We use individual and group work, participatory approaches, blended learning approaches, cascading mentoring and training, supportive supervision, mapping exercises, brainstorming, role-play, eLearning, , experience sharing, seminar presentation and case studies. Additionally, we conduct pre and post evaluation to assess what has changed to the learners in regard to their knowledge and skills to the topics/area being capacitated. Our capacity building and training services are designed in different ways to service both individuals who aim to build and growth their skills and knowledge to certain area of interest as well the institutions/organizations who are aiming to enhance the skills and knowledge of their employees as part of their learning and development strategy. Our trainings are facilitated by skilled and knowledgeable senior experts to area of the training. Our capacity building and training services can be benefits in a different approach; Online Short Courses and/or In House Capacity Building.

Value Activation

It’s the moment when the rubber meets the road: you have made the strategic choices, or refreshed your operating model, or set ambitious performance improvement targets. It is time for action, but regardless of the choices you’ve made, it all comes down to the critical question of how best to activate change? Frankly, what is the best way to “get stuff done”? We see clients confront this dilemma almost every day. Our journey with clients encompasses hard-fought wins and painful mishaps, and through these experiences we have developed a structured and disciplined approach to Value Activation.